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Crystal Boys (孽子,"Nie Zi") is a Taiwanese miniseries aired in 2003, directed by Cao Ruiyuan(曹瑞原) and based on Pai Hsien-yung(白先勇)'s novel. It's available on DVD, but it's all in Mandarin, Taiwanese, and some Japanese. The soundtrack from Fan Zongpei (范宗沛) and actors are amazing.

A play was premiered in 2014 in Taipei, Taiwan. The play is now subtitled in English (me), French (me), Español (Thanks to Florentino Gutierrez R) and Italiano (Thanks to Claudio Resti).

It's a very touching story. A LGBT TV Series/play for everyone! Take a trip through Chinese culture!

Taken from the novel back page :

Crystal Boys is the first Chinese novel on a gay theme.  A-qing, the adolescent hero, comes from an impoverished family. His father casts him out after learning that his son is gay. A-qing drifts into New Park, a gay hangout in Taipei, and begins his life as a hustler. He meets other boys living on the street, also forsaken by their families: Little Jade, who is constantly searching for his unknown father; Mousey, an orphan and petty thief; and Wu Min, a shy tender kid, who attempts suicide when discarded by a middle-aged man. These four boys become fast friends and are taken under the protection of Chief Yang, a fiftyish gay guru in the Park. The boys begin to build a family of their own. Meanwhile, A-qing meets Dragon Prince, whose passionate and faithful love for Phoenix Boy has become a legend of the Park...  In Taiwan, the gay community is known as the buoliquan, literally "glass community," while the individuals are called "glass boys" or "Crystal Boys."  Crystal Boys was first published in Taiwan and has since appeared in Hong Kong and in mainland China: two editions (Beijing and Harbin) were published in 1987. 

I've worked hard to translate the TV Series them into English and French and the play into English, with the help of a few friends. It took me 20-25 hours per episode! Thanks to Ryan who started this project. Thanks to my friends for helping me to translate or to correct my mistakes in English!

Crystal Boys TV Series is now subbed in English (Ryan Chou for 3 episodes and me for the rest), Français (me), Español (Thanks to Florentino Gutierrez R), Italiano (Thanks to Claudio Resti), Slovenské (Thanks to Ivan) and Português (Thanks to Jairo Barbosa) !

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Teaser music video by Chow Wa Kin (note from Daniel : there are only a few scenes from the movie, I don't find it so relevant) :

To listen at the soundtrack :

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